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HHS Scholarship

Participant benefits & requirements


Participant benefits & requirements


  Program length of 3 months or less Program length from 4 months to 7 months Program length from 8months to 12 months
Flight reimbursement 100-300USD 460-805USD  920-1560USD
Internship and university opportunities 
Normal program package (no internship and university  opportunities included) Internship opportunities available (interview required); assistance on applying for local university courses Guaranteed internship placements upon program completion; assistance on applying for studying in local universities as a fully enrolled student
Activities, Camp and travel Monthly activities, 3 days holiday travel
Free travel with family if arranged

Monthly activities, 6 days holiday travel
Free travel with family if arranged

Monthly activities, 6 days holiday travel
Free travel with family if arranged
Quarter camp opportunity, free travel to other cities organized by HHS
Accomendations Supplied by host families free of charge
Insurance Emergency and accident insurance to cover the whole program period. HHS Center will supply the insurance package which is officially designated by Chinese Educational Ministry.

Pocket money 

The monthly pocket money consists of two parts: basic pocket money and bonus pocket money. Basic pocket money is 1000RMB per month, and bonus pocket money, which can be up to 3000RMB, is calculated based on host family’s evaluation on your performance every month. Plus monthly flight reimbursement payment (i.e.130USD), HHStudents can get 4800RMB( 820US$)per month in total.

Mandarin course At least 8 class-hours per week. HHS training and activity center has professional and experienced teachers conducting students’ Chinese study for the entirety of the program period.


* Flight allowance will be awarded for each full month of the program completed.

$100 of the Flight allowance will be refunded monthly. The rest of the flight allowance will be delivered in total with your program deposit after the successful completion of the program.



Program requirements


  Host kids from 0 – 12 years old Host kids from 13 – 21 years old Host parents, company bosses and corporate heads or persons above 21 years of age
Age 18 - 28 18 - 26 20 - 28
Academic Background At least high school or college College or university university
Duty hours Based on 25 hours per week, discussed with family in advance Depending on host children’s’ school schedule, usually less than 20 hours Flexible, discussed with host parent/s in advance
Main duties Caring for host children like an elder sister or brother, practicing English Providing an introduction into studying abroad; suggesting and aiding with the entry examination for foreign high schools or universities, such as SAT or ACT exams Practicing English with the parent/s when convenient for them, providing assistance with some business documents in English.
Hobbies or interests No special requirements. However, priority is given to those interested in art, music or sport. (such as piano, painting or swimming etc) No special requirement No special requirement
Relative Experiences Childcare experience Familiar with high school or university application processes and willing to help host children with their own application. No special requirements, previous English teaching experience or language partner experience preferable.
Others To be in good health, no criminal record, active attitude, like family life, have keen interests in China and Chinese culture, fluent English without strong accent.
Legal Visa support, orientation packages, welcome package incl. free Chinese SIM card and HHS handbook, recommendation letter and Certificates after completing program, social network, volunteer project, etc.